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Hello, my name's Ivan.
I'm a Frontend Web


Visual Bookmarks
Browser extension for working with bookmarks. It allows you to manage your bookmarks through a nice interface and has many settings for customization. Available for browsers: Microsoft Edge,Google Chrome, Opera
Tabs Slider
Easy to use tabs slider, written in pure JavaScript.
Validate form plugin
Lightweight and easy form validation plugin written in pure JavaScript
Material ripple effect
Simple implementing the ripple effect from the Material Design
Inspiring start page. With weather, date, search, bookmarks, customizable services, light effects and a gallery of pictures.
Glory Modal
Modal dialog plugin with multimodals support inspired by Bootstrap modal dialogs and written in pure JavaScript.
Custom select plugin allows you to replace the standard selected on their own, which can be styled as your heart desires. Default stylized standard select. Mechanic behavior as much as possible trying to match the standard selects.